Pigeon Art Stained Glass
Created by Aaron Blaisdell
160 NFTs
Mint price- ETH
Tokens minted- / -

Again, staring the TV star from the Netflix show "White Rabbit Project", Darwin the drone-guiding pigeon!


This is the second drop from the PigeonArt project from Dr. Blaisdell's Comparative Cognition Lab. The pigeons' art studio is a touchscreen-equipped operant chamber. The pigeons peck at the screen. Each pair of pecks on the screen automatically produces a black line connecting those two points. A separate algorithm running in the background searches for each enclosed area created by the intersection of 3 or more lines. Once found, the space within is filled with a random color. The result is a sometimes sparse, sometimes busy, but always beautiful image reminiscent of stained glass. Our artists create art out of the sheer joy of it, and receive no food or other extrinsic reward for making art.


The mission of this drop is to fund research on the Animal Mind. We want to raise awareness of the creativity and imaginative insight of pigeons and other animals. 100% of the net proceeds of the primary sale as well as all sales on secondary markets will be directed directly back into funding the lab research.


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