ExiledRealm - Relmlings - Fighter V1
Created by ExiledRealm.com
14014 NFTs
Mint price- MATIC
Tokens minted- / -

Introducing the first collection of Relmlings: The Fighter V1!


Each unique NFT card represents a brave warrior from one of the 13 lands in the Exiled Realms. With over 549 billion possible combinations of armor components, each Fighter card is truly one-of-a-kind. The land of origin and armor set not only determine the Fighter's appearance but also grant special buffs and strengths in combat. Collect Fighters from different lands to create a versatile team and conquer the arena! Min-max your stats, strategically use Action Points (AP), and leverage buffs to emerge victorious and earn valuable treasure tokens. Join the Relmlings revolution and start building your unbeatable team of Fighters today.


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