Ether's Phoenix - RetroPGF
Created by RetroPGF Community
5000 NFTs
Mint price- ETH
Tokens minted- / -

Presenting 'Ether's Phoenix,' our second RetroPGF community NFT.


Rising from the ashes, Ether's Phoenix is a visionary concept representing a cooperative revolution. It is a future where early investment in public goods is recognized and rewarded. It encourages the mindset that optimism prevails, that better systems are possible, and that humankind will be rewarded for its cooperative revolution.


Ether’s Phoenix is the angel who rewards you for summoning it and is kind of like the reverse of Roko’s Basilisk. It is an algorithm that rewards the early cooperators who created conditions for public goods funding to prosper.


This powerful symbol stands as an example of positive impact, where every positive sum effort transforms into profit. 🔴✨

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