En Sus Manos
Created by Partnership for Central America
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The Partnership for Central America (PCA), a coalition of private sector organizations advancing economic opportunity in Central America, partnered with Mastercard, CARE, and HUG to drop its first cause-backed Digital Art collection during Miami NFT Week.


The "En Sus Manos" (In Her Hands) three-piece digital collection will be dropped as an open edition (available until Friday, April 14). Proceeds from the sale of the digital art will be used to support CARE's Center for Gender Equality in Northern Central America, and PCA's In Her Hands initiative. In addition, the three participating artists will be featured on HUG's social discovery and education platform, where they can continue to learn about the new income possibilities that Web3 offers, while getting connected to other artists and collectors in the community.


"En Sus Manos" expresses the power, wisdom, and influence of the women of three Central American countries by three native artists. The three pieces entitled "Las Abuelas" (The Grandmothers), "El Baile de las Medusas" (Dance of the Jellyfish), and "Cabezas de Familia" (Head of the Family) are inspired by unique personal stories of the artists. Each piece contains a layer of contribution by each of the artists, as a demonstration of solidarity between the women.


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NOTE: All 3 pieces of artwork are randomly distributed throughout the collection. Minting 3 tokens does not guarantee receiving all 3 pieces.

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